Zürich 2021

Live event 6 - 7 October 2021
Online from October 6 onwards
Featured Innovations
ah!60 invisible frame system further emphasizes the minimalism feature by concealing the frame below the finished floor, walls and ceiling. It offers a threshold-free transition between inside and outside as the space between the narrow tracks is covered by the same material as the interior of the room.
The glass panel, supported by a slim “I” shaped profile, slides over a narrow slot in the floor. The system was designed to guarantee the performances inherent to the ah!60 series and materialized using a specially developed High Thermal Break Composite (HTBC) that fulfils the functional, structural and thermal requirements. Double glazed surface areas of up to 29m² and triple glazed of up to 19m² are possible.

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Spacious, ambitious architecture can be achieved with DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structures. Compatible with any slab or column type, DELTABEAM® makes your construction process faster and more efficient – enabling considerable volume and material savings.

Now Peikko's successful composite beam is even more sustainable: DELTABEAM® Green is the new, environmental-friendly version of Peikko’s Slim Floor Structure solution DELTABEAM®. In combination with timber and hybrid timber-concrete structures and sustainable building materials, DELTABEAM® Green combines lightweight and ecological construction with economic and qualitative aspects – also for multi-storey or even high rise stuctures.

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Efficient descaling without salt, wastewater and electricity? With a current market-leading lime failure rate of almost 100%, Evodrop offers a up-to-date and sustainable solution – Swiss Made.

Using the latest and patented technology, we have succeeded in producing germ-free systems from the ground up. This means: no salt, no wastewater, no electricity! The cost savings compared to previous systems are correspondingly high. In addition to the money savings, the environment as well as all pipes and equipment are protected, because Evodrop eliminates not only germs but also bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. The last is groundbreaking, because by preventing metal oxidation, erosion and corrosion are a thing of the past, so rust doesn't stand a chance.

Not only lime!
Unique on the market and new, Evodrop offers an extended module on request, which also completely eliminates any foreign substances and pollutants such as pesticides, microplastics and drug residues from the water.

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The new generation VELUX glass rooflight with curved glass is a revolution in window design. The unique design with a slim frame and invisible sash provides maximum daylight and a clear view of the sky. The curved-shaped glass top allows rainwater to easily drain off the surface - even on 0° roof pitches.

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With its elegant, flush-mounted design, GLASSFLOOR integrates harmoniously with its surroundings and floods rooms below with daylight. The skylights are walkable and therefore allows full utilization of the space without loss of area. Applicable as flat roof windows, terrace elements or walkable floor glazing in the interior for private and public buildings. Standard sizes available for immediate delivery as well as custom-made products are manufactured. Thanks to a wide range of options, clients can further specify their individual solution.

GLASSFLOOR represents high performance and enables architectural extravagance paired with timeless elegance. Years of experience, innovative engineering and carefully selected materials ensure perfect functionality. Architecturally, the skylights allow new accents to be set and supply rooms with the natural resource of daylight – for more well-being and a new feeling of spaciousness.

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Kyoto collection is inspired by Japanese typical tradition, nature and spirituality.

The collection includes five different patterns:
_ Ginkgo, dedicated to ginkgo bilboa, a rare plant that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb; in fine merino wool and silk pattern.
_ Zen inspired by the spirituality of the Zen sand gardens; in merino wool.
_ Teien with the geometries of the checkered gardens of the Tokufuji  temple in Kyoto; in wool&silk blend.
_ Bamboo, reproducing ancient  Japanese paintings made with ink on canvas above all those that have bamboo leaves as their subject; in merino wool.
_Higasa, with all the charm of the iconography of traditional umbrellas used by Japanese women; in merino wool.

Inspired by the art of sculpture, typical elements of Japanese culture become almost real, tangible in their 3D texture. Fine raw materials are modeled by hand in an artisanal way, creating patterns with high technical definition.
The models are entirely handtufted and sculpted by embossing technique.

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UNIAKUSTIK wood wool panels by Dietrich, consisting of natural raw materials; wood, either white or grey cement and water are free of harmful substances and allergens, 100% recyclable and ecologically recommended as certified with eco 1. Their sustainability has been documented. The excellent moisture regulating properties of wood wool as well as its excellent sound absorption ensure a pleasant, relaxing indoor climate and simple elegance.

The new, innovative design solutions comprising milled grooves, curves, round indentations or 3D patterns gives the room special character and charm. All UNIAKUSTIK products by Dietrich are as individual as your projects and integrate perfectly as ceiling and wall coverings into your creative, innovative and sustainable architectural concepts. Various surface structures, formats, the entire range of RAL and NCS colours, accessories and installation methods guarantee a wide range of applications with almost unlimited variety of designs. Further advantages are the VKF fire index 6q.3 (RF1), the stable surface as well as the ball impact resistance certified according to EN standards.

UNIAKUSTIK panels by Dietrich are trendsetters for design and sustainability. They combine in a unique way aesthetics and natural properties not only with form and function but also with ecology, fire protection and well-being.

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ZIP_2.0 by MHZ
The newly developed MHZ window awning zip_2.0 is a vertically running cassette roller blind with wind resistance.   The system is available in two cassette sizes (110 & 150 mm) and is able to shade even large window areas of up to 20 m2.  A self-developed and patented glider system as well as the glider arrangement according to Fibonacci sequence make the systems very visible and wind resistant even in large dimensions. The technically sophisticated textiles and their processing give zip_2.0 its own character and are at the same time efficient, energy-conscious sun protection. Thanks to the diverse mounting options, the systems can also be integrated into mullion-latch-façades.

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